We know and have experienced the power of information. We believe and have developed in the past, successful relationships with companies and individuals that understand the power of a well organized group of people, with definitive goals and objectives. We understand the power of it all, over consumer markets, and we will work in your favor to create the right conditions and opportunities, so that you and your family can better your present life situation and be prepared for the future, with faith, trust and confidence, that no matter what's coming, you are adequately prepared to face it, without a mayor sacrifice. You and your family will then be living for the better; but prepared for the worst. 

Gustavo Troncoso
Gus Troncoso

Retired of over 30 years of international experience as a Multinational CEO, in over one dozen worldwide companies. Adviser and Consultant to Multinational Banks, Governments, Corporations & Non-Profit Foundations. Founder of the UNI-2 Latin American Foundation, that has helped hundreds of thousands reshape their personal economies and better their lives. Strong believer in the POWER OF UNITY; Strong believer in the POWER OF FAITH.

Gustavo Troncoso
PGS MultiCorp.

Premier Global Solutions Multinational Corporate Group was created back in the nineteen nineties, to explore, find solutions and organize them, to bring alternative ways of facing imminent present and future problems, on a one by one basis. We believe that by correctly analyzing the present, attacking the weaknesses long before they become real problems and implementing preventive programs, everyone's life will become better, more secure and less unpredictable. 

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